An Overview

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Knowledge Builders is a tutoring company that provides students with academic coaching and mentorship in-person and online. We provide our students with the convenience of learning from any location that best suits their needs, be it their home, the local library, or a coffee shop. With each tutoring session, we also work to provide better access to technology for children in developing countries.

A Few Words


With our free consultation, we analyze and assess each student’s academic level and create a customized program that best aligns with their personal goals and needs. We then set up an account to access our online portal where students connect with our tutors and can track their progress.

With each tutoring session, you empower another student from across the world.



Why Knowledge Builders?

A payment schedule convenient for each student, the ability to work on multiple subjects per session, documented progress reports, customized programs, and review packages are just a few of the reasons why you should pick the Knowledge Builders for your tutoring needs.

Our Testimonials

“Knowledge Builders was professional and efficient from our first consultation. They really aimed to ensure my children were comfortable and catered to their learning style. Their flexibility in scheduling and in-home tutoring is definitely a great asset.”

Parent of Grade 7 & Grade 4 Students


“As a student preparing to enter university, Knowledge Builders have been great to make this process very smooth. They provided guidance on courses, universities, and even ways for me to strengthen my application. They have ensured I finish high school strong by giving me the support to excel in all my courses this semester.”

Grade 12 Student