About Us

Knowledge Builders is a mobile tutoring company provides students with academic coaching and mentorship. Given that our services are mobile, we provide our students with the convenience of choosing a location that best suits their needs, be it their home, the local library, or a coffee shop. Our unique one-on-one approach provides guidance to achieve academic success and to become well-rounded individuals.

At Knowledge Builders, we are aware that each student has different learning styles and we will build a customized program that best fits each student’s needs. 

This company is built on the principles of education, excellence, and success. We provide students with educational skills to excel academically. Education is at the core of our principles and we ensure all students have the tools they need to achieve excellence. Success is the final stage that Knowledge Builders aims to help each student achieve.

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence." - Abigail Adams

Our Testimonials


“Knowledge Builders was professional and efficient from our first consultation. They really aimed to ensure my children were comfortable and catered to their learning style. Their flexibility in scheduling and in-home tutoring is definitely a great asset.”

Parent of Grade 7 & Grade 4 Students


“As a student preparing to enter university, Knowledge Builders have been great to make this process very smooth. They provided guidance on courses, universities, and even ways for me to strengthen my application. They have ensured I finish high school strong by giving me the support to excel in all my courses this semester.”

Grade 12 Student